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Suppose you had a tool that could assist clients in learning and applying breathing techniques in real-time situations?

A tool that you could send them home with to help them when you aren't around?

And also help clients with PTSD and other highly stressed or anxious individuals be more at ease during session so they can speak more freely?

Now there is.

The power of connecting the client to their own breathing and sense of body is already used by many therapists, whether it be through mindfulness practice or direct breathing manipulation.

Anicca's Breathing Companion facilitates these techniques by emphasizing the client's breathing through soothing vibrations synchronized with it, thus connecting them to their breathing, body, and the present moment.

In this way, you can extend the impact of your therapy to their day-to-day lives through a device they can take with them.

We have also found that Anicca helps clients with PTSD to go back and process traumatic events more easily.*
*used by our clinical director with his PTSD clients

Currently, we're seeking therapists to join our pilot program for free to have an impact on this product and be the first to have access to it.

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