What if you could have a tool which calms your client into the session?

That can help them learn and apply their breathing in real time situations?

That you can send them home with to help them when you're not there?

Somatic therapists already know the power of accessing the client's breathing and body and can use Anicca to enhance the practice and impact of their training.

However, in most traditional psychotherapies it is not accustomed for the therapist to touch the client.

Not only it is considered unethical, but a trained psychologist has it deeply rooted in his education that the client interprets every single act of the therapist, and touch can create a major imbalance in the client-therapist relationship.

This is where our Breathing Companion comes to your help. It can touch your client for you, help him to relax and be more present, and contain adverse emotions so you can go deeper in your work as a dynamic therapist, or make behavioral therapies more accessible to the client .

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