Have you ever imagined you had a device that could assist clients in learning and applying breathing techniques in real-time situations?

A device that they can also take home to help them when you aren't around?

That can help some of your highly stressed or anxious clients ease into therapy and speak more freely?

We did, too. So we built one.

The power of connecting the client to their own breathing and sense of body is already used by many therapists in various methods.

Anicca's Breathing Companion facilitates these methods by emphasising the client's breathing and body through soothing vibrations synchronised with it, helping them connect to their breathing, body, and the present moment.

In this way, you can extend and elevate the impact of your therapy to their day-to-day lives through a device they can take with them.

Anicca Companion supports therapy in a variety of ways:

  • Offers various modalities to work with breathing

  • Enhances physical awareness

  • Brings soothing sensations to the body

  • Designed both for clinical and everyday use

  • Small and easy to use

As we recognize that many therapists utilise body and breathing in various ways, we designed the device to complement mindfulness-based techniques, relaxation techniques, somatic therapies like SE, EMDR, Biofeedback, and any other therapies that involve breathing or the body.

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