• Edo Ceder

On being mindful, or, what is "mindfulness" in daily life?

When people hear the word "mindfulness" they usually connect it with eastern meditation practices and buddhist traditions.

True, in the east, seekers on a spiritual path had discovered long ago that meditation is the tool to "go in" and make order in the chaotic reactive internal world, train the mind to stay focused (without which the chaos of the "underworld" can swoosh you away as you visit it), and train the mind to stay equanimous and not react to life's triggers, in order to liberate the self from reactivity and stop creating further karma (or in our words - decrease "emotional carbon footprint"). Western civilisation had embraced eastern practice long ago, and lately has adopted the practice as an integral tool in creating mental health, for example MBSR, or MBCT developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a professor of Medicine. This practiced is based on using eastern practices such as sitting and walking meditations to develop mindfulness to the here and now of what we are doing and how we are feeling. This practice is being taught all over the world and has been integrated by main-stream health suppliers.

Another route of research has been done independently by social Psychologist Dr. Ellen Langer. Dr. Langer has

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