How anicca works

Anicca is designed to accompany you in your every day tasks and events, and be there when you want the extra support to be calm.

Anicca is built around a respiration sensor that recognises the exact moments of inhale and exhale, and a sophisticated tactile stimulation mechanism that works in synch with those moments.

Anicca can work as a single device and/or be extended by a second unit to work on your chest or belly - key areas known to be highly effective for emotion regulation.

Based on the data of your breathing, Anicca can work in several modes of operation:

1. "Mindfulness mode" - helping you connect with your own sense of breathing in your body by giving you a pleasant tactile stimulation with each breath, reminding you to pay attention to the here and now.

2. "Somatic Therapy" mode - prolonged tactile stimulation at the rhythm of your breathing in key areas on the body can give a sense of "comforting" in that area and help it feel better.

3. "Emotion Regulation" mode - synchronised with your own breathing, this mode adds gentle guidance through pleasant tactile stimulation to manipulate your breathing just a little to balance blood gases, which help shift the autonomic nervous system (ANS) from fight/flight/freeze mode to "rest and digest" mode.

4. "Biofeedback Mode" - in this mode you calm yourself down through your will power and inner direction while using the feedback of your respiration as a guide.

We find that each person has an affinity to one or more of the modes, and some of the modes are better for specific situations or states. You can use your default mode and with time learn to use the others as well.

We performed a 30 ppl user study which have shown that Anicca can help people deal better with stress and anxiety, focus better, sleep better, and deal with adverse situations such as charged social situations.

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Here are examples for types of situations the device can help you with:
1. Before a significant event, as you think of it or getting ready for it
2. During a significant event - to stay in control and regulated
3. After a significant event - to calm down and process what has happened
4. Sleep - use it to help you fall asleep or sleep deeper
5. Daily practice - use it to deepen an already existing daily or weekly practice such as meditation or relaxation
6. Spontaneous emotional flooding - when a thought, memory or emotion triggers a strong reaction you can use anicca to balance the situation by calming the emotional and mental distress to levels that you can handle.

We are also researching how Anicca can identify your emotional/mental state through your breathing and offer you a solution that fits your state of mind, as well as insights and mapping into your specific stressors so you can start tackling them directly.