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By amplifying your sense of your breathing and body, Anicca Companion enhances your ability to be calm, mindful, and efficient in your everyday life, without having to stop what you’re engaged in.

The companion uses a respiration sensor that measures when you inhale and exhale, and a tactile stimulation mechanism that works in sync with your breathing, providing haptic feedback in the form of pleasant vibrations.


In Anicca's philosophy, the path for living with less stress and anxiety while getting the most out of life is based on cultivating an open and flexible mind, able to use the challenge at hand just like a surfer would ride a wave to shore. However, we understand that this is a lifetime journey, not always easy to implement, and may not be suitable for everyone at all times.

As a result, we implemented in our device both the capability to enhance the sense of breath to help create a state of mindfulness, or alternatively, to induce an immediate effect on the nervous system using techniques such as slow breathing

We have programmed our device to operate in two modes:
"Mindfulness mode" - mindfulness practice cultivates a sense of awareness, acceptance, and action from a more balanced place within our mind. By providing pleasant tactile stimulation with each breath, the device helps you be more aware of the present moment and to pay attention to reality as it is.

"Stress Reduction mode" - sometimes, in certain situations or due to our different personalities, acceptance and awareness are simply not possible.  In these moments, using the breath to directly effect the autonomic nervous system may be the wise thing to do. In this mode the device leads you from your current breathing rate into slower breathing through soothing vibrations on your body.

We find that each person has an affinity to one or more of the modes, and some of the modes are better for specific situations or states. You can use your “default” mode and with time learn to use the others as well.

In our user study, Anicca has demonstrated the ability to help people deal with stress and anxiety, focus better, sleep better, and deal with adverse situations such as social situations with charged emotions.


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Listed below are a few examples of situations in which the device can be useful:

  • Thinking about or preparing for a significant event.

  • During a significant event - to stay in control and balance.

  • In the aftermath of a significant event - to be able to process the event more easily.

  • Relaxing before or during sleep.

  • Use it to deepen an existing daily or weekly practice, such as mindfulness meditation.

  • When a thought, memory or emotion triggers a strong reaction, anicca can be used to balance the situation by calming the emotional and mental distress to levels that you can manage.


"God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed,
courage to change the things that should be changed,
and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other."

- Reinhold Niebuhr