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Calm and Connected
Anytime Anywhere
By Breathing With You

Patent Pending


A smart wearable breathing sensor generating soothing tactile stimulations synched with your breathing

Helps you in-the-moment as well as builds long term resilience

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How Anicca works


Anicca helps you practice your BreathWork or Meditation in any kind of discipline 

Calm On-The-Go

Anicca is designed to be used in every day life situations to lower stress / anxiety, think more clearly, and be at your best


Anicca helps people fall asleep faster and sleep deeper


Anicca helps therapists and teachers have more open sessions with their clients, train them in their disciplines, have remote sessions, and apply the principles in everyday life.

Our Story

We are two consciousness and psychology geeks who have spent their lives trying to balance our emotional world to feel and be the best humans we can be for ourselves and others. Along the way we picked up an amazing team of collaborators and advisors who share our enthusiasm for bringing to the world solutions that work.


“Wow, just two minutes and I feel more calm!”

“The device serves me as an anchor or hug or support when there is no escort or assistance from people. It calms, balances and makes me happy and ask for what I want in a social and positive way and then I see that everything opens and works out”

“I felt like someone is helping me to not focus on my stressful thoughts and that I was not alone״

“I very much enjoyed the vibration at the center of the chest. Felt addictive. Felt more connected to myself while still present with others.”

“It bothers me that I want to take it home with me”


“I liked that something was vibrating on my body at the rate of my breathing and didn’t force me to relax”


“My breath became synchronized and I am less stressed about the heat” (diplegic man who’s internal thermostat is damaged)

Group Meeting
For Psychotherapists

Anicca Companion can be an excellent addition to a non-touch therapy.

You can let the Companion replace your touch and assist your client to relax during sessions, as well as in their daily lives.

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Workshops and Community

Find out about our Breath Awareness trainings

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